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The Reminiscence

Extracted from real life incidents, the anecdotes and the reminiscences depict a series of coincidences that you could have probably experienced just like the way “The Black Poet“ did. Some of you would have had them buried deep down your system unable to express due to vicious phobia and some do display them as an emotional outburst. “The Black Poet” speaks not just his mind but also yours. This time, you could have all of them displayed on your bodies and flaunt your emotions with no restrictions…

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The Dark Poetry

Relationships are meant to be true and pure, however, today’s world is literally forgetting the fact that nothing could overcome the realm of divine love and affection. Reasons- I’m sure the most of you would know…they are plenty in number. Materialistic happiness is just a way that would keep our faces smiling but not always. Remember- human emotions is the only deed that empowers true love. The anxiety, the isolation, the deceit – all this would eventually bring out a new personality in you…

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The Quotes

Celebrities weren’t born. They were made. Celebrations do not happen all the time. You create an opportunity to celebrate. The quotes are not just meant to fancy your inspirations but to make you realize what you actually are and what you are capable of. It is not the legacy you relish that you could have probably inherited from your ancestors like fame, money or property but the struggle, the blood, the sweat, the tears and the slog like a dog for that penny to make your ends meet which creates you into a super hero hence emerging yourself as a celebrity.

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The Eco Sapien

“Hey, there used to be a swing down here…. Where did the banyan tree disappear? Where are all the gardens? I don’t get to listen to the chirpings of the sparrows anymore!” Well, if you still think what I am trying to express here, you should probably go back to your childhood days. We cared about society. We cared about the nature. We cared about the Eco-System. But today, we don’t care about our own selves. Before the earth could call it quits, let’s take a moment and…

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The Satire

Human “follicles” are relentless. The world has become a joke and we wouldn’t mind laughing our ass off despite all means! The gimmicks portrayed especially in the political scenes are simply indescribable.The grass root level of understanding how human behavior can turn out to be ridiculously unscrupulous and paving way to sheer sarcasm and craziness makes the intellectual mind think about possibilities to either showcase negligence or process a solution to enhance the inner sanity.

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The Lessons

They are just not meant to be learnt but to be incorporated in real life. Every mistake becomes a learning experience and a mere repetition of it will pull one to the grave but the realization for having committed a mistake the first time is a relentless opportunity of self-indulgence to know the brighter side of life. Lessons are a beautiful experience and its learning is hard to die.

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