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It has been quite a journey to have brought this transition emerging from numerous human emotions and depicting the same artistically into new age clothing. So, what if I told you that you could still be candid expressing your feelings with your mouth shut and continue fiddling with your phone? (that is what the world has become now).

There has been a period that witnessed a series of antagonizing moments (by the Black Poet) that have eventually turned out to be a poetic voyage and hence crawling in the regalia of the mob who runs the rat race.

Floyd Richie is a self-proclaimed pseudo identity of the Black Poet presenting a wholesomely new bestowal with reminiscences, ditties, elegies and odes. Naz (Floyd Richie, The Black Poet), who has been the brainchild of his works that determine a series of ‘Dark Poetry’, was influenced by a number of antagonizing events that he had experienced in his journey of life and this whole idea was re-created by his blood brother, Vaz, who transitioned the same into new age clothing depicting the content onto tee-shirts.

Your satiation is all that we anticipate and we hope we have been a true reason to it!

Happy Flaunting!

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